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Broadest surface options on sintered stone

Every space deserves the right Surface

From an in-depth study of natural stones, combining a 50 years experience with endless research and development on materials, state-of-the-art technology and innovative manufacturing processes, we devised the largest surface options in sintered stones for any application, in line with the needs of contemporary architecture.

We decided to focus on 8 surface options inspired by marble processing which can be re-design digitally to create any pattern in any possible look: from cement to stone or wood with no limits in creativity.



Manual bush hammered technique

This technique gives the surfaces a characteristic slightly corrugated appearance which gives a very natural look to our marble-inspired designs.


3D running lines

3D running lines give a captivating tactile appeal and elegance to the surface, amplified by dramatical chiaro-scuro effects with a grazing light from different directions.


Tactile vibrations

Inspired by a technique that uses rigid bristle tools to manually give this specific pattern to a soft material (for instance, cement or resin) before it solidifies.

Nexion 3D textured surfaces

Pettinato, Rigato and Bocciardato are produced by two interconnected fully digital machines, which can replicate any traditional 3D decors using special ink, glue and grit, creating products that are versatile in use with no restriction on creativity and limitations in size.

The texture is suitable for outdoor and indoor spaces and can also be applied on furniture. Its 3 mm glue grit layer creates a decor relief that feels as if you are touching a natural material.


Fit for every space

The highest performance surface suitable for both residential and commercial use, including high-traffic areas. It is available in different floor slip ratings (R9-R12), for use in both dry and wet areas, indoor and outdoor.

Full Lappato

Mirror-like glossy/polished finishing

Thanks to superior dry granular material and perfectly flat surface this material has a mirror-like glossy/polished finishing. This will allow no distortion and superior depth in the reflection, impossible to achieve in natural marble.

Lappato Matt

Velvet finishing

Velvet finishing distinguished by the absence of light reflection, thanks to very low gloss units level and high quality dry granula which exalts colors and patterns. Dedicated to the world of design, this surface gives a unique soft touch and feel.

Lucido Opaco

Lucido Opaco is an innovative glossy-matt surface designed to emphasize details and richness of slab design, in particular for those inspired by precious stones and marbles. This is achieved by modulating the way light reflects from different areas of the slab surface, enriching the design and even creating iridescence effects.


Spazzolato is a new brushed finishing inspired by the sandblasting technique used for natural stone and marble. It offers a surface distinguished by tactile softness and embellished by delicate hollow and relief engraving.

A broad range of options and a broad range of products

Surface options on Marble Looks

Statuario Freddo




Bianco Lasa

Calcatta Bronzo

Onice Persiano

Crema Europa


Travertine Veincut Beige

Breccia Aurora

Corinthian Beige

Amani Bronze

Travertine Veincut Silver Grey

Onice Aria Beige

Emperador Grigio

Pulpis Grigio

Grigio Avio


Onice Nero

Port Lorent

Calacatta Nero

Antique Black

Quarzo Verde Aqua

Irish Green

Rosso Levanto

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