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How does Nexion works
Nexion is a global company that brings together Italian creativity in product design and Indian production skills, leveraging the latest production technology made in Italy. Product development, marketing and quality control are all managed in Italy, while production is set in Morbi, the second largest production hub in the world, in a greenfield, highly automated plant, operated by an team who has made more than 20 years of experience in the Simpolo Group, following the same standards and procedures used in Italy by Ceramiche Speranza.
Which applications are best suited for Nexion Products?
Nexion products are suitable for most applications. Thanks to a wide range of design and excellent technical characteristics, Nexion products can be used design beautiful and high performance flooring and wall surfaces for residential and commercial applications, as well as for public spaces. With technical parameters measured by certified, independent laboratories in Italy, Nexion offers optimal and reliable performance in low, medium and heavy traffic conditions. Given that tiles performance varies depending on the surface characteristics, Nexion advises clients on how to select the products that match their requirements.
Can tiles be used in exterior?
Yes, Nexion products can be used in exterior in matt version, thanks to the high resistance to abrasion, very low water absorption and high resistance to UV rays. Depending on application, slippery has to be also considered, with several of Nexion’s products offering very good performance in the most common situations, such as balconies, terraces and pathways.
Can tiles be used in bathroom or kitchens?
Nexion tiles offer very good solutions for bathrooms and kitchens, thanks to very low water absorption and high resistance to stain. The full lappato finish is as slippery as polished natural marble polished, with a higher resistance to slippery guaranteed by the lappato matt finish. All matt surfaces are perfectly suited for bathrooms and kitchens given very low slippery.
What is the delivery time of products?
Delivery time is related to dimension of the order. For retail sales, that usually ask for quantities of a tens of a few hundreds of square meters, materials are available from the stock. For projects, that depends on the size of the order, as not all material might be available in stock. Nexion has a flexible factory, that allows to mix large and small batches in the same production schedule. Moreover, production planning and scheduling is carried out on different time horizons (quarterly, monthly, weekly), allowing the company to adjust to last minute, urgent project requirements. From the customer’s standpoint there is the benefit of a customized service, with no complexity given that all the interactions between Nexion and clients are managed by a single point of contact – Nexion’s Customer Service Department – that is in Ahmedabad for Indian customers and in Fiorano (Italy) for international clients.
How does Nexion handle projects?
Nexion takes special care of projects, being them small or large. When a project is specified, it’s not given that the material has to be shipped immediately as the customer might ask to arrange for that in few weeks or even months (in particular, when the project is a large one). In India and in several Asian markets where low cost tiles manufacturers make aggressive pricing offers, projects are frequently affected by poor service and unexpected changes by the supplier. It happens that the chosen product gets discontinued or that changes in production technology make the later batches to be different form the first ones. Or that large supplies get very different quality and aesthetics from one production batch to the other. This in not what happens with Nexion. Thanks to quality procedures and stringent quality standards, even large supplies produced over a long period of time show no material differences in quality and aesthetics, as all products are matched to the same “master tile”.

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