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  • Italian style that inspires

    Italian style that inspires

    Discover all Nexion products for wall, floor and worktops

  • Innovative surfaces

    Innovative surfaces

    3D texture technology – Red Dot Design Award winner

  • Tailor made solutions

    Tailor made solutions

    Added values service for your project’s needs

  • A growing company

    A growing company

    50 years tradition combined with innovation and research

Designed in Italy

Elegance over the century

Our pledge lies in constantly wanting to deliver something unique, excellent in terms of technical and aesthetic quality, but not only that. The characteristics that distinguish our products are their aesthetics: a modern synthesis between aesthetic richness and technical capabilities highlighted with the largest options of surface finishes, striving to obtain the right perceptive effect according to its own design context and willing to empower and give life to nature itself.

  • Compare the surfaces

    A matter of Reflection

    Sintered Marble is a new material that blends the design of natural marble with a mirror-like capability to reflect light. Sintered Marble is an evolution of polished ceramics with marble design that suffers from poor reflection of light and forms.

    Nexion Sintered Marble achieves an almost perfect mirror-like reflection with absolutely no distortion or waves in the light reflection of any objects. This result is given to his high quality dry granular and Nexion’s mastery of production technique. Move right and left to see the difference between Nexion and other tile manufacturers.

  • Rigato Pettinato
    Awarded textured surfaces

    Emotions in a touch

    Nexion was the pioneer in creating 3D textured surfaces by two interconnected fully digital machines, which can replicate any traditional 3D decors using special ink, glue and grit, creating products that are versatile in use with no restriction on creativity and limitations in size. The texture is suitable for outdoor and indoor spaces and can also be applied on furniture. Its 3 mm glue grit layer creates a decor relief that feels as if you are touching a natural material. Textures are available in 3 design Rigato, Pettinato & Bocciardato on 6 marbles.

    Statement by the Jury

    "The fact that Nexion 3D enables individual compositions of decors is innovative and provides a high level of variability, especially with regard to aesthetics."

    RedDot Winner 2020
    Statuario Bocciardato
  • Tradition & Research

    Quality Performance

    Nexion products combines over 50 years old tradition with ongoing research and development on materials, state-of the- art technology and sophisticated manufacturing processes. We constantly use the best in class raw materials from Ukraine, water based inks and dry granula to achieve an almost mirror-like perfect full lappato surfaces on our marbles.

    All our products are sintered at a very high temperature - over 1200 degree celsius - and pressure- over 40k tons pressing force - which allow no residual porosity and enhanced properties that give them an extraordinary strength and resistance to external agents. All our products are tested in Italian labs and are in compliance with the strongest European standards.


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