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About us

Nexion Surfaces is the only design in Italy and made in India manufacturer of sintered stone slabs in the most premium segment of the ceramic market in India. The company is the result of a partnership between two large family groups that have always been leaders in their reference markets: Ceramiche Speranza, the best in its class Italian firm founded in 1961, that has setup the state of the art manufacturing facilities in India together with the Aghara family, one of the leading players in ceramics and sanitary wares in India since 1977.

In less than 6 years Nexion became the leader in the most premium segment of the Indian ceramic market and exports in over 35 countries worldwide.

Nexion focus is on 120x240cm sintered slabs in 9mm and 6mm thickness which represent the latest and nicest segment of tiles using new generation of press technology and advanced digital printing to create superior slabs of beautiful aesthetics and impeccable quality, resembling natural and artificial surfaces as marble, stone, wood and concrete. The company is an innovator in the field of marble reflection, offering a perfect mirror-like no distortion polishing and surfaces with up to 8 options on marbles. In 2020, Nexion was awarded with the Red Dot Design award for its texture surfaces.

The main claim of the brand

Designed in Italy to inspire
international dreamers

Nexion’s value chain is global rather than local: all Nexion’s products will be designed in Italy, by the same designers that create luxurious products for one of the Italian market leaders. Manufactured in India, in the state-of-the-art plant with the latest Italian technology, all products will be quality certified according to international standards and will undergo tests in the most reliable Italian labs.

Collaboration in building a range of products, service experience to delight customers and technology and technical support will be driving factors that ultimately also deliver business results. Nexion will strike a conversation with the architect community and empower them through a distinct emphasis on building relationships and collaboration.

Premium positioning

Nexion is set at the highest end segment of the market, with a premium positioning compared to its peers. Our unique selling proposition is sustained by the following elements:

  • Italian design

    Italian Design

    Superior aesthetics by selecting the best designers with a long lasting experience in the field. Nexion’s sintered surfaces are the finest expression of the italian style.

  • Italian design

    Italian quality

    Nexion uses the latest Italian manufacturing technology and know-how practices. Tests are run through the whole production cycle and are compliant with the most stringent international standards.

  • Modularity


    Nexion offers the largest range of products in multiple sizes, surface and technical characteristics to find the right solution for any kind of space

  • Innovative Surfaces

    Innovative Surfaces

    Up to 8 different surfaces, with great aesthetic impact, emotional touch & feel and exceptional technical performance

  • Award winning 3D Texture

    Award winning 3D Texture

    The innovative 3D texture surfaces have been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020

  • Perfect light reflection

    Perfect light reflection

    Nexion light reflection quality assessment (NLRQZ) uses custom made machine to assess the absence of waviness or geometrical distortion in the our glossy marble surfaces

  • Customer Oriented

    Customer Oriented

    A unique consulting-service approach by a skilled and strong customer service team to respond to clients and professional needs.

    At Nexion, We care