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Corporate Social



Our workers’ work-life conditions, talent
and growth, are the cornerstones our
corporate culture.


plant opened




residential facilities
built for workers
Our employees

Our most precious resource

Even before the launch of our plant we have given life to an ambitious program of “Corporate Social Responsibility” which aims to provide to our more than 400 employees and their families the best living work-life conditions possible.

Our program covers different areas: from those more specifically related to work conditions, welfare, surveillance and medical assistance; we dedicate great attention to our worker’s work-life balance by providing them high quality amenities and accommodation for their family and children within our company’s compound.

Our most precious resource


We want to create the best possible working-life conditions allowing our workers to live a dignified and satisfying life both inside and out-side the workplace.

We are very proud of our “welfare”, amenities and living standards that we have achieved in Nexion and we strongly hope that, following our little example, more and more companies will commit to improve their employ-ees and families living and working conditions as we did.
Workers Benefits
  • Specially challenged people employment to ensure their maximum integration
  • Compliance with the most advanced standards and work- safety regulations
  • Cafeteria area to create a climate of sharing among the various categories of workers
  • Canteen facility for the company staff, which complies with all food safety standards
  • Use of solar energy to reduce the energy impact on the environment
assistance welfare
  • 2 residential facility for workers, managers and their families within the compound (Nexion city)

  • General practitioner and 24H medical assistance for workers, managers and their families, within the compound
  • High quality amenities such as sports ground, fitness areas, garden, small food-store, temples to ensure a balanced work-life
Services for women and children
  • 24 hours gate and compound surveillance

  • Security card-access turnstiles to enter the residential facility
  • Playgrounds, kindergarten and nurseries inside the compound
  • Children school bus available to the main schools in the area
  • Constant surveillance and control service to avoid early school leaving and child labor