Grigio Avio

Product overview

Accademia Grigio Avio

Accademia draws inspiration from the most beautiful marble works that the artists of the past have bequeathed to us and the most precious artistic expressions created and preserved through the language and sensitivity of the greatest creativity of history.
The collection interprets the natural marble, preserving and enhancing the essential beauty of the original noble material thanks to the technological excellence of the production process and the creative approach.

Our Design team takes inspiration from exquisite natural marbles and stones in order to create new design by harmonizing and perfecting the original qualities of marbles. The result is unique new sintered marble design with excellent technical features and superior aesthetic which are human made but seems shaped from nature. Being one of the few using the precious dry-granula on the slab surface, Nexion team has devised a superior mirror-like , distortion free surface to enhance the original properties, color nuances and details of the natural marble with an unparalleled reflection.


We offer the broadest range of surfaces.
  • Grigio Avio is available in:
  • Spazzolato
  • Lappato Matt
  • Full Lappato
  • Naturale
Full lappato
Lappato matt
Lucido opaco
  • Naturale
  • Full lappato
  • Lappato matt
  • Spazzolato
  • Lucido opaco
  • Rigato
  • Bocciardato
  • Pettinato



Naturale R10 surface available in 60×120 cm

R9, R11 & R12 surfaces available on request.


9 mm


Technical featureStandard method ISONexion valuesRequirements
SIZE < 1200 mmSIZE ≥ 1200 mm
WidthISO 10545 - 2± 0,1± 0,8± 0,1± 1± 0,3%
Length± 0,1± 0,8± 0,1± 1,2± 0,3%
Thickness± 4± 0,5± 4± 0,5± 5,0%
Straightness of Side± 0,1± 0,8± 0,1± 1± 0,3%
Rectangularity± 0,1± 1,3± 0,1± 1,5± 0,3%
Surface Flatness± 0,1± 1,8± 0,2± 3± 0,4%
Surface Quality95%A minimum of 95% of the tiles are to
be free from visible defects which can
impair the appearance of a major area
of tiles
Technical featureStandard method ISONexion valuesRequirements
Water AbsorptionISO 10545 - 3Avg. ≤ 0,08%,
Individual 0,2%
≤ 0,5%,
Individual 0,6%
Modulus of RuptureISO 10545 - 4Min. 42 N/mm²Min. 35 N/mm²,
Individual Min. 32 N/mm²
Breaking StrengthISO 10545 - 4Min. 1800 NNot less than 1300 N
Moisture ExpansionISO 10545 - 100,02 mm/m-
Surface abrasionISO 10545-7CLASS IIIMinimum Class - II Report abrasion class and cycles passed
Mohs Hardness of surfaceNA4
Coefficient of linear thermal
expansion from ambient
temperature to 100 °C
ISO 10545 - 86x10⁻ ⁶ K⁻¹ maxAs declared by the Manufacturer
Thermal Shock ResistanceISO 10545 - 9No damage
Crazing Resistance:
glazed tiles
ISO 10545 - 11No damage for
Min. 10 Cycles
Bulk DensityISO 10545 - 32,2 g/cc2,2 g/cc
Impact ResistanceISO 10545 - 50,55As declared by the Manufacturer
Frost ResistanceISO 10545 - 12No change
Small colour differencesISO 10545 - 16No changePlain coloured tiles only where required
GL: ∆E < 0,75
UGL: ∆E < 1,0
Technical featureStandard method ISONexion valuesRequirements
Resistance to stainingISO 10545 - 14Class 4Minimum Class 3
Resistance to household
chemicals and swimming pool
ISO 10545 - 13Minimum AMinimum B
Resistance to acids & alkalisMinimum BAs declared by the Manufacturer

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