The Gujarat Villa, surprisingly not straight out of an African Safari

Straight out of an African Safari? Not quite.

Even though you may have thought so, while looking at its orange walls, black furniture and the occasional deer, this villa by ACE Associates actually finds itself in Gujarat, on the western coasts of India, yet surely recalls the glorious African savannahs.

More precisely, this verdant villa enclave of Narayan Nandan is located in the administrative centre of Anand, where people come up for air to forget noise and traffic and immaculate landscapes cover for hot, grassy plains. So much for the sunrise shades, Stygian furniture and shadowy deer emblazoned across the walls.

How the Terraelino Collection inspired the architects who designed this Gujarat Villa

As the co-founders and architects of ACE Associates Ashish and Nikhil Patel said in a VOGUE interview:

the inspiration for the house came from Nexion’s recently launched collection of tiles, Terrælino, that they described as “varied, vibrant and warm”, that “inadvertently set the stage for the dominant palette” and matched perfectly the idea of a home that straddled the refined and the rustic.

A match made in heaven

When entering the living room, one can’t help but notice how the walls wear a tangerine mottle, charcoal coffers define the ceiling and the floor channels a pomegranate sheen. The room is in fact underpinned by our orange Terrælino tiles, that go perfectly with the tangerine-mottled walls and charcoal furniture, and inevitably seem to position the interior in a savannah setting.

“The spaces on the ground floor are united by Melograno tiles, marble wall finishes and all-black furniture,” pointed out the architects on this matter. “We mixed up the accents, so there was little scope for monotony.”

Nexion: Italian style that inspires

Our pledge lies in constantly wanting to deliver something unique, excellent in terms of technical and aesthetic quality, but not only that. Nexion will always strive to strike a conversation with the architect community and empower them through a distinct emphasis on building relationships and collaboration. This Gujarat Villa is proof that Nexion tiles can indeed turn designers’ dreams into reality.

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