Vadilal is a national brand.

Niraj Shah, Founder Partner at IDO Design, shared his vision on the development of the design of Vadilal new ice-cream experience parlor. Being Vadilal a national brand, creating this dessert café was a great opportunity for him to experiment with materials and colors, in order to match the new brand statement, “now, forever”, with the interior design.

As he points out, he quickly realized that blue was the perfect contrast to what the brand color itself was, both for the amount of coolness it offered and the fact it connected to the product itself. Nexion’s Terrælino’s Ginepro blue, inspired by juniper berry, would create the right vibrancy for the place, as far as giving it the tone down value within the whole space, and yet let it be bright and happy.
Selecting the Terraelino range of tone-on-tone grounds made it possible to obtain a feeling of visual continuity with a very natural impact, eliminating the perception of interruption’s phenomena which can often be one of the great limits of the use of ceramic materials in architecture.

One of the most important concerns Niraj Shah had was, in fact, to have a seamless floor. That is why he first experimented with a few other materials and evaluated the possibility to do a micro topping or to use China mosaic within the space. He rapidly understood though, that those weren’t the solutions he was looking for, due to practicality reasons: the module would have been repeated in other cities or outlets and there would have been issues in terms of availability, labor and time, because time is always short when you replicate. With Nexion’s Terrælino, on the contrary, large formats amplify that feeling of continuity, as if the architectural space was an extension of the natural environment it overlooks, having the answer he was really searching for.

In Nexion’s Terrælino Ginepro, he found a wonderful blue that fitted in his scheme of themes beautifully well, resulting in a nice base color floor, without any patterns, which have become quite the fad, and of the perfect size.