In this video, we’ll take a look at the latest project from renowned architect Niraj Shah, founder of IDO Design Interior Studio. The project is the first Design Build Operate (DBO) for the young cosmetics brand, Renee Cosmetics. The challenge for Niraj and his team was to create a space that would differentiate Renee Cosmetics from other players in the market.
To do this, they chose to go with a black color scheme and opted for matte flooring to balance the high contrast from the glass surfaces. The space is divided into two parts, with a central black area and a light grey circulation area. By using a different pattern on the tiles in each area, the designers were able to give each space its own unique character.
The end result is a space that is both visually striking and functional, and one that will help to establish Renee Cosmetics as a standout brand in the industry.
So, let’s take a closer look at the design and learn more about how Niraj and his team brought this project to life.