A major part of Nexion’s work is partnering with the architectural community in order to deliver construction projects, using our products and supporting teams with our custom service and technical know-how.

Nexion products are developed from the best designer in Italy and manufactured in India with quality and standards at par with the best Italian leaders.

At the end of 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand, we completed one luxury building project D8 with our Calacatta Marble in size 120x240cm.

The D8 project provides a complete living experience consisting in a 6-story semi-detached house full of luxury spaces and precious details. Wide range of in-house facilities, such as a private lift, infinity pool and a living area of over 700 square meters with 6 private parking spaces, are only few of the features of this project.

Our Calacatta Lappato matt is the perfect solution for ventilated facade being UV, stain and scratch resistant combined with Terramilano system which offers the highest wind load resistance (over 6200 Pa with ceramic cladding panels of 9 mm), fire resistance and safe in use in high seismic areas.