Nexion’s primary goal is to help visionary designers and architects to realize great ideas with a relentless focus on delivering a superlative service experience.
In order to achieve our vision, we develop new designs and surfaces by adopting new technologies that allow us to be ahead of time and help the design community and professionals to complete their projects.
Niraj Shah, Founder Partner at IDO Design, believes that innovation and creativity based on common sense and basic human needs bring about good design. In order words, we never stop learning, as knowledge and inspiration come from all walks of life, every single moment. “Share what you know” has been his guiding thought.
When creating a beautiful café, Roastea, in terms of great aesthetic, design and youthful experience, he decided to use the Terrælino Menta color, inspired by Mint Leaf, for the floor. The Roastea logo has in fact two colors, green and red, which offered him an opportunity to pick up one of the colors out of the brand book itself. As Niraj Shah points out, using green color for the floor allowed to encase a small space, creating a bright and happy feel with whites in it and the wood grain in the counter, making the whole setting very neutral. Combining the Terrælino Menta color with red tables and seats results in a very comforting, warm and welcoming location, without being too bright, unconventional or difficult to digest and working extremely well.
Our recently launched Terrælino collection was born from the inspiration to create a symbiosis between earth and linen, a primitive element and a refined fabric, a material devised to inspire professionals and welcome any application.