Coverings 2024 took place during April 22-25 in Atlanta (USA). As one of the main global trend-setting exhibitions dedicated to ceramic surfaces, it was a great pleasure for us at Nexion to be part of it.

During Coverings Atlanta 2024, we had the opportunity to connect with an engaged, dialed-in audience participating in the event, which included many overseas professionals operating in the field: distributors, contractors, architects, and interior designers.

Building relationships – just like creating beautiful space – is a meaningful way to shape the environment we inhabit, a quintessentially human behavior.

Therefore, this event provided us with a further chance to showcase our latest designs, thanks to a special installation conceived for Coverings 2024: Straight to a new way to look at Surfaces”.

In this article, we are exploring our experience at the trade show and sharing the details about all the emerging interior tile trends with you.

Nexion experience at Coverings Atlanta 2024 with “Straight to new way to look at Surfaces”

Our booth at Coverings 2024 was focused on the conceptStraight to a new way to look at surfaces”.

We recreated the atmosphere of a museum: displayed on the walls and suspended from the ceiling as carefully lit “works of art”, every surface showed the precise depth of designs, enhancing the specific touch and feel of the texture.

The stand was surrounded by strips that represent the willingness of Nexion to focus “Straight to a new way to look at surfaces“.

Such a space allowed the visitors to instantly appreciate the beauty of Nexion products in their full range of possibilities, with depth, detail, and comprehensive visual expression.

This experience of shapes and materials is thus the best way to celebrate the beauty of designs meeting innovative technology, with our permanent commitment to creating beautiful spaces where people can enjoy their life.

Surface innovation is an ongoing mission for us at Nexion and our products are carefully crafted to enhance their beauty and performance, including different nuances and intensity, to tailor every design choice.

The Coverings 2024 experience allowed us to push the boundaries of what is possible in architectural projects, facilitating creative decisions for all visionary professionals who want to realize great ideas.