Our “Light on Light” event at Fuorisalone 2023

As a leading manufacturer of premium tiles, Nexion has always been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. We are proud to announce our latest event, “Light on Light,” which took place during the Design Week in Milan, Italy. Design Week is an annual event that brings together designers, architects, and creatives from around the world to showcase their latest creations and ideas. From furniture to lighting, textiles to technology, Design Week is a celebration design and art.

This year, Nexion had the privilege of participating in Design Week with our innovative “Light on Light” event. While Nexion is primarily known for producing high-quality tiles, we wanted to showcase how light can interact with objects, and ultimately, with tiles, in unique and creative ways. Our “Light on Light” event was a true testament to the power of creativity and innovation. We have created five immersive experience that highlighted the versatility of our tiles. Through the use of lighting and interactive displays, visitors were able to see firsthand how light can transform the look and feel of objects, bringing them to life in unexpected ways.

The event was a great success, with attendees from around the world coming together to experience the magic of light and tile. It was an honor to be a part of Design Week, and we are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of design and innovation in the years to come.

Your Farnsworth Munsell Test

One of the most appreciated installation was “Your farnsworth munsell test”. Immerse yourself in a captivating display of hues and test your color acuity with Nexion’s ‘Light on Light’ installation at Fuorisalone 2023. We asked people to engage with four rows of vibrant colored tiles on a touch screen and arrange them by hue to achieve a perfect score in color discrimination. Uncover the complexities of how we perceive colors and explore the fascinating world of neurology and psychology behind our interpretations. Inspired by Professor Albert Munsell‘s groundbreaking color communication system, this installation offers a glimpse into the technicalities and science of color discrimination.

The Munsell color system

the Munsell color system is a color space that specifies colors based on three properties of color: hue (basic color), chroma (color intensity), and value (lightness). It was created by Albert H. Munsell in the first decade of the 20th century and adopted by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) as the official color system for soil research in the 1930s.

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