The Salone del Mobile 2024 just wrapped up, delivering once again an incredibly dynamic, state-of-the-art portrait of the world’s best in interior and furniture design.

This edition of the Milan-based global event was a particularly memorable one for us at Nexion, as filled with marvel amid beauty, well-being, and how light interacts with surfaces.

This intriguing beauty and geometry – to which great artists aspire in their masterpieces – prompted our ongoing conversation on how to cultivate innovation through style.

But let’s take a closer look at the “behind-the-scenes” and ideas that emerged during the course of Salone del Mobile 2024 during Milan Design Week.

The beauty of light and surfaces enhancing well-being

The theme we chose for Salone del Mobile 2024 showcased the art of light and surfaces enhancing well-being.

With “Giving Emotions to Spaces” we reinforced our stance that a space is never just a space but the very living ambiance surrounding us, with which we constantly exchange vital information and reciprocal feedback.

Surfaces play a crucial role to this extent, creating the vision of space resulting from the rhythm and harmony of forms, light, and designs, to achieve that variety and unity of patterns that connect us to the emotions we feel.

This beauty of interaction lives in our approach to matter and design, enabling a better quality of life by creating performing and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

The works of Barbara Kruger and Edward Hopper were the two great inspirations:

  • Barbara Kruger for her exceptional visual and bold use of typography, accented in our stand through black and white images and touches of color, which was one of the highlights of our booth;
  • Edward Hopper was one of the greatest contemporary artists mastering the fluctuations of light with pinpoint accuracy and visually tweaking the emotional perception of the world around us. 

In our dedicated exhibition area, we portrayed the lighting of three different Hopper masterpieces to recreate the full multisensory bandwidth in combination with our newest surfaces.

Room by the Sea, Western Motel, and Morning Sun were the settings where surfaces tamed the varying light conditions with absolute enchantment.

As we close the curtains on this year’s Salone del Mobile, we want to thank all our Milan visitors and worldwide followers for being on our side, exploring together new paths and opportunities for surfaces that give emotions to spaces.