A perfect combination of architecture, quality manufacture, art and design

Architecture, technology, art and design: these are the key words for the beginning of the new “Nexion Lithic” era. The sintered stone excellence company, designed in Italy and manufactured in India, will star at the Milan Design Week, on the occasion of a special event on 9th June.

Nexion Design Talk is inspired by the main pillars that liven up the 2022 Milan Furniture Fair and show the core values of the brand. Honesty, transparency, a quality service and a quality product perfectly interact with the peculiar concept of this design week: “Between Space and Time”, an invitation to meditate on the ongoing changes around the world and the ones we need in order to achieve sustainable goals, which are essential for our future.

The new Stone Gallery will be launched in a completely innovative way: a continuous dialogue between great personalities of different cultural domains, with relentless blends and connections.

The fil rouge of the event will be the declination of the sintered Nexion material in all its forms: a Roman and Greek-inspired anthropomorphic sculpture by Dario Tironi will rise up as symbol and manifesto of the non-finite, marvelously chiseled by the artist, using the sintered stone, a material with a high architectonic and artistic potential, to honor nature as the inspiration for technology innovation. In addition, the emerging archistar Stefano Belingardi will tell the architectonic evolution of Milan and how the sintered material can be applied in such a context.

The participants will be welcomed in an evocative setting inside the Moscova design district. The enchanting Pacifico restaurant, one of the most renowned ones in Moscova street, will host Nexion’s presentation, underlining the profound connection between the management team and the design and architecture universe. This refined and elegant location, decorated by the great interior designer Marsica Fossati, has been selected for its perfect connection between the Peruvian and Japanese styles, where the sea (Pacifico stands for Pacific Ocean) is the main character and the two cuisines and histories are in perfect harmony, in order to mark Nexion’s strong dialogue between Italy and India, where the Italian know-how merges with the profound Indian culture.

Nexion perfectly combines Italian technology and creativity with Indian integrity and perseverance: in the presentation, this bond will be highlighted by the creative direction of Marina Pizziolo, internationally renowned art curator, as well.

Emiliano Ponzi, 2022 Milan Furniture Fair visual artist and illustrator, will curate the event’s manifesto, to promote communication and catalyze all the excellences of the project in one tool of graphic and design.