26 colors, 8 surfaces, 3 textures, up to 8 finishes, 4 sizes: this is Marble Gallery, Nexion’s latest marbles collection

Nexion sintered marble is a modern synthesis between aesthetic richness and technical capabilities, highlighted even more by the multiple variations of surface finishes, striving to obtain the right perceptive effect according to its own design context, by combining natural marbles and artificial materials with new high-tech features, in line with the needs of contemporary architecture.

Italian Design and Quality

Thanks to an in-depth study of the finest marbles, Marble Gallery is the finest expression of Italian style and imagination: a superior aesthetics of products designed in Italy by experienced creatives, that can be accomplished only with Italian high-quality machinery and expertise to obtain reliable and lasting technical results.

3D Textures and Reflection

The innovative 3D Textures of our latest marble collection have been awarded with the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design in 2020. Sintered marble blends the design of natural marble with a mirror-like capability to reflect light. This material is an evolution of marble-effect ceramic, a new solution which achieves an almost perfect mirror-like reflection with no distortion or waves in the light reflection of any objects.

Customer Oriented

Every space deserves the right surface. That is why Marble Gallery offers the largest range of products in multiple sizes, surfaces and technical characteristics to find the right solution for any kind of space. We have always worked on research and development of surfaces, aiming to satisfy the designers’ needs and allow them to realize their visions. For Marble Gallery, we decided to focus on 8 surface options inspired by marble processing which can be re-designed digitally to create any pattern in any possible look: from cement to stone or wood with no limits in creativity.