India Design ID: The Epitome of Luxury Design

India Design ID is the pinnacle of luxury design in India, attracting design aficionados from all over the world. This annual event, held at the sprawling NSIC Ground in Okhla, New Delhi, showcases the very best in home design, decor, architecture, and interiors. The event, promoted by Elle Decor, is a four-day extravaganza that features more than 130 exhibitors with their specially curated displays and signature collections across categories such as furniture, lighting, arts, interiors, flooring, and home technology.

At the core of this magnificent event is the pursuit of innovation and creativity, brought to life by visionary designers and architects. It is an opportunity for the most stylish and premium local and international brands in the industry to showcase their products and services. As a strategic partner of India Design ID, Nexion, a leader in its category, had the chance to exhibit its latest creations, inspired by nature and transformed by man.

Art as a medium to reflect on our mirror-like surfaces

As a strategic partner, we also had the chance to exhibit in the main entrance an artwork that welcomed guests to play with our mirror-like sintered marble with absolute no distortion or waviness. Therefore, the spectator is invited to compare two kinds of reflections: the water reflection into the baoli inspired sculpture , the “Essence of Existence” developed by Artist Jagan Mohan Penuganti, with sculpture’s perfect reflection in our Full Lappato Antique Black Marble Slab.

Nexion Formula of product innovation: the value of knowledge, method and creativity

The India Design ID exhibition gave us another chance to prove again how creativity, combined with our method and the knowledge can explain our commitment to quality, especially when it comes to product development and innovation. At the core of our know-how lies the Nexion formula: an advanced method for Nexion to develop superior products from A to Z inspired by nature and created and transformed by man.

In a round gold and white wooden installation, Nexion unveils his superior product development process, starting with the materials of inspiration to the final creation. Nexion’s team skilfully re-designed and transformed nature (marble, stones) into harmonious high quality sintered artifacts; from clays to colorful glazes, from small body chips to polished surfaces, from 3d structures to natural stones effects. The journey of Nexion’s products was intended to inspire and educate the spectators on the whole process behind the creation of innovative products with high visual and technical impact.

Get inspired: look the world, sketch ideas and define the criterion of your own success

As a leader in his category, Nexion promotes his products in a completely new way. It develops high-visually impactful walls of product-matrix combining superficial surfaces/finishes with a large array of design. In his collection Terraelino, the company offers to designer and architects infinite combinations to play with: just look for inspiration and feel free to create new innovative ways to inhabit the space and conceive interiors.

India Design ID was an opportunity for Nexion to showcase its latest products and inspire designers and architects to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. By transforming nature’s treasures into harmonious sintered artifacts, Nexion has set a new standard for luxury design in India and beyond.