Terrælino – when primordial elements meet the refined world of interiors

The inspiration of Terrælino was to create a symbiosis between earth and linen, a primitive element and a refined fabric, natural materials that enrich each other. Nexion designer skillfully combined the intimate essence of different kinds of earth with the ethereal lightness of linen, creating a brand new surface. The result is a warm and vivid material, in a wide range of colors, capable of inspiring architects and welcoming any application.

Our designers have patiently and methodically studied many types of earths, creating physical samples to find the best combinations of color and texture. At the end of this work, we have selected nine colors, each a synthesis between visual, tactile and emotional feeling. Terrælino’s colors evoke the manual dexterity and human touch that created them and are devised for those looking for a contemporary way of interpreting design

Color is a “world” full of opportunities …

People decide whether or not they like a product in 90 seconds or less, and 90% of that decision is based solely on color. To make their creations look beautiful, interior designers use Color Theory to match colors in the right way. For example, to pick the best colors to match, designers use the “color-wheel” to find triads, contrasts and analogues.

… but creating beautiful colors requires design and technical skills and designing colors requires to find the best combination and balance of:

  • Hue (the “pure” colors)
  • Tint (a hue plus some white)
  • Tone (a hue plus some gray)
  • Shade (a hue plus some black)

Making colors requires to bridge two worlds as:

  • Designers works with “subtraction” (RGB)
  • Painters works with “addition” (CMYK)

The result is 9 harmonic colors designed to be mixable in infinite combinations.

Available in 7 sizes from as small as 30x60cm to slab size 120×240.