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Research Inspiration Graphic Architecture

Introducing the Riga Collection

“Riga” an acronym for Research Inspiration Graphic Architecture, embodies the essence of architectural brilliance. This collection seamlessly blends the industrial soul of concrete, the captivating allure of tinted colors, the linearity of stripes and the unique effect of handcrafted textures. The result is an intensely expressive surface that stands out as a true protagonist in any design project.

From the convergence of matter, color, geometry, and human touch, a raw material emerges that surpasses the standard concrete-look ceramics. Handcrafted structures amplify its perspective, bestowing a unique tactile and visual strength. Two core tones, grey and beige, grace this collection, skillfully presented in gradations that both convey and soften the different nuances of pure concrete. These two tones harmoniously complement each other, offering endless creative possibilities. The decorative elements with Linee, Righe & Quadri stripes represent the expressive soul of the collection. They are engraved into the surface to convey a natural, vibrant & realistic full and empty effect.

Texture, Size, and
Colors Available

The colors available in the Riga Collection are Beige Chiaro, Beige Scuro, Grigio Chiaro, and Grigio Scuro. Select from a range of sizes that cater to various design needs: 120x240cm, 80x160cm, 120x120cm, 60x120cm, 60x60cm, and 30x60cm.

Basic Elements


interpreting different nuances of pure concrete.

Beige Chiaro

Beige Scuro

Grigio chiaro

Grigio Scuro


to exploit all architectural and creative potential.

120×240 cm

80×160 cm

120×120 cm

60×120 cm

60×60 cm

30×60 cm

Decorative Elements


covering a wide range of pure concrete expressions.


Linee, Righe & Quadri

Beige Linee

Beige Righe

Beige Quadri

Grigio Linee

Grigio Righe

Grigio Quadri


congenial to multiple laying patterns.

120×240 cm

60×120 cm